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Huge Congratulations to the winner of our Logo -like and share competition, Kellie Walden!

Thanks for visiting us and receiving the $500 cash from our lovely practice manager.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, we truly appreciate all of your comments, likes and shares on Facebook.

Some of the comments from our patients:

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” promotes good health & well-being through good nutrition, accompanied by wonderful support from your health team of doctors & allied health practitioners. It symbolises a combined integrated effort to keeping patients healthy, hence the overlapping shapes.”

“If the apple doesn’t quite keep the doctor away, KEYS Medical Centre will get you back on an active lifestyle with their holistic medical care. The logo evokes a multifaceted approach (including physical, mental, pathological and nutritional) to ensuring that high quality patient care is KEYS’ number one priority.”

“It’s a person being supported. The supports are shaped as eggs to symbolise life and vitality. Therefore the person is being supported to good health and vitality to ensure fulfillment of life.”

“Health and well being. Commitment and care to patients. Apple also looks like a Heart.”

“The logo looks like an apple which symbolises good health. I also think the leaves on top look like a person stretching their arms up in the air with happiness that their health is being looked after well.”

“Linking patients in the local community with professionals who’s main purpose is to educate, prevent diseases and give a high level of care with integrity and trust!”

“At first glance the logo looks like an apple. As I look closer I see an angel emerging from the apple with her wings spread out. The apple also resembles the heart with a core. With the above description the logo evokes a sense of care, trust & purity. The colours are soothing with the green representing nature, health and healing. The red alerts you and represents significance. It’s also the colour of blood, a main component of the body.”

“When Red represents nutrition,
And Green promotes fitness,
You have the ultimate combination,
Of the Key to success.”

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